Segway Go Kart Pro w/15.5 mi Max Operating Range & 23 mph Max Speed - Grey


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Experience acceleration like never before with the Ninebot Gokart PRO. With a top speed of 23 mph and a 15.5 mile range on a single charge, it outperforms 150cc gas-powered go-karts on the track. The frame is manufactured using high-strength steel, carrying a payload up to 220 lbs. and both the frame and steering wheel are adjustable to accommodate riders between 4’5” to 6’3. Features 1.02 Gs during Acceleration Experience acceleration like never before with the Segway Gokart PRO. With a top speed of 23 mph and a 15.5 miles range within one single charge, it outperforms a 150cc gas-powered go-kart on tracks. 432 Wh Capacity Air-Cooled Battery Pack The Gokart PRO battery is a powerhouse, clocking in with a capacity of 432 Wh, and featuring 4 air-ducts. Drift like a PRO The cutting-edge TPE rear tires bring the most exciting drifting experience, EVER. With the controllable rear-end and high-speed corning, you can show off your drifting techniques like a professional racer. Immersive Engine Sounds Simulator (Bluetooth Speaker) 4x8W high-power speakers emulate engine sounds of single-cylinder, double cylinder, V8, or V12 engines to create a more immersive Gokarting experience. Or use the speaker as a normal Bluetooth speaker to play music. Sturdy and Stable High-strength steel frame supports a payload up to 220 lbs and reduces chassis flex during high-performance driving. The front-end features three layers of TPE impact protection. Additional features such as TPE sides, aerodynamic rear wing, and metal pedals. Four Driving Modes Safety mode — max. speed: 4.97 mph; Regular mode — max. speed: 11.2 mph; Sport mode—max. speed: 17.4 mph; Race mode—max. speed: 23mph Manuals & Guides User Manual

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