New Anti-Fogging High Quality Face Guard

Tan Cress

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Our face shield is the perfect portable solution to not only keep your mouth and nose protected but your eyes too! You can wear the face shield just like you would a pair of glasses, adding comfort and style to your daily protection. And when you reach up to touch your face by habit, Bulwark reminds you to break the habit and stay!

. Able to wear with glasses, a mask, or a combination of the two.
. Reusable, Washable, Easy to wear.
. Multi- functional and can be used as a wind deflector.
. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor activities.
. FDA, ECO-Friendly Material Anti-Fog, Anti-scratch and Anti- Dust.

A Bulwark face shield never makes you feel like you can’t breathe, making it a great way to protect yourself on a run or bike ride, and can even be worn during active sports or activities. Coated with an anti-scratch and fog layer on the inside, Bulwark will keep you seeing clearly and breathing freely.
Discover another way to stay safe, stay protected, and look stylish at the same time





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